Doodle - Easy Scheduling

Doodle – Easy Scheduling

doodleRThis is a free and very handy online program where a group can schedule a meeting or an event easily, efficiently and hassle-free.


1. Create an event

2. Add description, location and other details

3. Choose a date and a few time choices

4. You can poll people by email to figure out the best meeting time for the most people.

There are built-in setting you can use:

  • Additional ifneedbe answer for busy participants.
  • Confidential participation: Only you can see the answers.
  • Participant can only choose one option
  • By default all options are selectable. This settings limits the choice to one option per participant.
  • Limit the number of participants per option
  • Poll as registration form: As soon as the indicated limit has been reached, the respective option is no longer available.

Ask your participants for additional pieces of information:

  •  Postal address
  •  E-mail addresses
  •  Phone number