E-Commerce Platforms

There are a number of different platforms that can be used to build a user-friendly e-commerce website that can maintain your online store, track inventory, sell downloadable digital products, collect payment for orders, print packing slips/invoices as well as providing an easy to use and personal shopping experience for your customers. Different platforms have different features. See some of the features that are often included in an e-commerce solution. Contact us to find out more about the system that would work best for you and your budget.

For most start-ups and businesses with low turnover, we usually recommend Paypal or Google Checkout as a low cost ‘easy start’ solution. PSP/Merchant Account fee’s can prove costly.

E-commerce Features

  • Sell your products 24/7/365
  • Inventory management
  • Shopping cart & shipping estimator
  • Pay using a PayPal, Google checkout
  • Merchant services/credit cards supported
  • Track orders through all stages
  • Built-in invoices, packing slips etc.
  • Gift certificates & coupons
  • Products & “Specials” or “Featured”
  • Best sellers listed
  • Products can be sorted by manufacturer
  • Quantity discounts can be configured
  • Tight security on password handling
  • Product notification system
  • Low-stock notifications to administrator
  • Customers can write product reviews
  • Who is online – send to a Friend
  • Multiple language support
  • Multiple currency support
  • SSL certificate optional


  • Nearly every piece of information about your products can be controlled in the Admin areas, giving you the ability to fine-tune how your products and services appear to your customers
  • Features and options can be enabled/disabled quickly and easily
  • Easily keep your product/catalog updated — no HTML coding required to add, delete, or modify products
  • Store layout can be controlled in great detail simply by switching settings in the Admin area. Choose your side column and box widths, Breadcrumb Separator, which Side boxes you want to appear where on the page, enable/disable links in various places
  • Nearly every piece of information about your products can be controlled in the Admin areas, giving you the ability to fine-tune how your products and services appear to your customers. Features and options can be enabled/disabled quickly and easily
  • Built in WYSIWYG page editor for modifying non database pages
  • Administrative activity logging enabled for audit trail — especially beneficial with recent Merchant Agreement requirements concerning tracking of activity related to accessing customer information
  • Tax rates, tax zones, etc easily configured in the admin area

Serving Global Markets

  • Multiple Language Support
  • Multiple Currency Support
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Multiple shipping methods

Product Catalogue

  • Unlimited categories
  • Unlimited category nesting
  • Products can be assigned to unlimited categories
  • Unlimited products
  • Members-only categories
  • “Featured Products” box
  • Automated display of bestsellers
  • Related products, up selling and cross selling
  • 1-click enable/disable switch for products and categories
  • Configurable search by title, description, category
  • Ability to modify multiple products simultaneously

Categories and Products

  • Products can be marked as Free, or “Call for Price”
  • Products can be marked as “Featured”
  • Products can be linked and/or copied to multiple categories
  • Entire categories of products (or individual products) can be enabled/disabled
  • Sort order of products is easily controlled in the admin area
  • The Product Type feature allows you to customize information fields and display format for different products differently. Products for sale vs Documents for viewing, vs Music Downloads, and the list goes on
  • You can add multiple images to your products, in small/medium/large format. Pop ups are available if desired for viewing of larger images
  • Sort by manufacturer


  • Individual special prices
  • Global sale reductions
  • Category-wide sale prices
  • One-time charges
  • Low-Order Fees can be configured
  • COD Fees can be added
  • Quantity discounts
  • Retail and wholesale prices
  • Priced by attributes
  • Set minimum order amount
  • Customer group discounts
  • Discount coupon codes and gift certificates

Product Attributes

  • Product Attributes can be added, either as Radio buttons, Checkboxes, Drop-down lists, Text Boxes, File Uploads, File Downloads, and more
  • Attribute Options can up-charge the price of an item, and an item can have its price completely controlled by attributes
  • Attributes can be configured as “read only” so as to provide a Features List
  • One-Time Fees can be added to products via attributes
  • Attributes also support Text Pricing, such as price-per-word or price-per-letter for personalizing
  • Attributes can show image/color swatches

Features For Clients

  • Password recovery feature
  • Customizable email invoices/notifications
  • Newsletter management system
  • “Send to a friend” feature
  • Customers can review a product
  • Per Customer discounts
  • Wish list
  • Printable invoices
  • Customers can search/sort products extensively
  • Customers can search/browse order history


  • Shipping Tare, Large-Package handling to give fine-grain control over shipping services
  • Shipping Estimator allows your customer to get an idea of their shipping costs prior to checkout
  • Shipping can be configured to link online with Canada Post at time of customer check out
  • Unlimited custom delivery methods
  • Mark your products as “free shipping” products
  • Flat rate, weight, order total and per-item shipping
  • Different weight limits for different delivery methods
  • Add handling/freight charges
  • Can handle international, domestic and local shipping
  • Send promotional “free shipping” coupons to your customers


  • Restrict shipping by location
  • Allow your customers to choose delivery methods
  • Full support for downloadable goods (e-goods)
  • Customizable tax calculation

Taves can be configured for individual products

  • Taxes & shipping fees depending on client’s location

“Tax exempt” feature

  • GST/PST Tax rates, tax zones, etc easily configured in the admin area


Full inventory control
“Out of Stock” Messages
Low-Stock notifications to admin when inventory is getting low (level can be configured)

Sales Analysis

  • Number of orders / Customers
  • Product views / Category views
  • Sales by product / Best sellers
  • Total sales
  • Export sales & customer data
  • Order data is sorted and printable
  • Printable shipping labels


  • Tight security on password handling, login/logout, and more
  • Email addresses are protected from abuse, as they are not displayed on-screen
  • HTTPS/SSL support
  • Password-protected admin access
  • Secure HTTPS/SSL admin access
  • Encrypted customer data
  • Can block/disable specific IP addresses
  • System backup
  • Validation of customer’s address
  • Credit card info is not stored by Zen Cart

Search Engine Optimization

  • Meta Tags, keywords and descriptions can be controlled at the per-product level, all from the admin
  • Pages can be indexed by search engines
  • Define custom META tags for every category and product
  • Automatic detection of search engine spiders
  • Intelligent generation of meta tags content for search engines