Why have an E-Newsletter?

  • Helps build a relationship with your clients
  • Keeps your clients updated.
  • Keeps you in their mind.
  • Directs clients to where you want them to go.
  • Helps spread the word
  • Archived nesletters on your website are searchable – they have lots of text (Google loves text) and the new newsletter is fresh content which will help your search engine results.
  • Low cost, instantaneous vehicle for sending messages
  • Newsletter sign up box helps build yor client email list
  • Sending out a newsletter from a subscribed newsletter list is much nore effective than email marketing.
  • Newsletters sent from an established newsletter platform thata has an unsubscribe option have a much higher acceptance rate from servers and email programs.

Marketing is All About Creativity, So Make it Fun

Elements of an effective newsletter

  • Brief feature article
  • Give your readers a brief section of helpful information. For example, you could offer interesting statistics, Q&A section or an insightful opinion on current events
  • Value statements – bulleted phrases that explain the benefit you provide to your audience
  • Upcoming events calendar
  • Client testimonial
  • Featured product or service
  • Full contact Information
  • Professional-looking layout
  • Optional quote or interesting statistic
  • Keep the nesletter short – ideally one page
  • Send out a newsletter regularly – ideally once a month.

Two of the most popular newsletter solutions


E-Newsletter Comparison

Free up to 2000 subscribersMailChimp integrates with TwitterMailChimp integrates with blog.MailChimp has a easier interface.

Web based knowledge centre for support

No Mailchimp branding

Can choose template or custom design

60 day free trial then $15/mthLess easy to use.Telephone supportNewletters branded with CC

Templates to choose from

Robust reporting features

Offers consulting