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Facebook Privacy & Security Settings


This is a great article with step by step instructions on how to protect your Facebook account. Part of being a responsible member of any  online community is educating yourself and your loved ones on how to properly configure the privacy and security settings offered by the platform.

Article covers:

  • Account Settings
  • Security Settings
  • Privacy Settings
  • Timeline and Tagging
  • Blocking
  • App Settings

Additional Info

  • Public Pictures – Your profile picture and cover photo are public by default, and this setting can’t be changed. If this concerns you, then don’t use a personal photograph. Also, be sure to use sharing controls for your photos and albums.
  • Be careful what you post – once you post something online it can potentially come back to haunt you. Use the built in sharing controls for status updates and other posts to limit access to the intended audience.
  •  Be careful what you click – Even if all of your controls are set properly, clicking malicious links and installing malware can not only wreck your computer system, but it can affect your privacy and online safety as well.
  • Logout of Facebook – Facebook has been known to track user activity on other websites, so logout when you are not using Facebook. Also, staying logged in can make it easier for your account to be hacked if you login from shared computers.
  • Anti-virus software – install a reputable security software application and keep it updated.

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