Google Adwords

Register for a Google Adwords account

  • You can have several “Campaigns” under your account
  • Can define your location for search results to country/province/city
  • Can define language of search results
  • Choose Keywords
  • Need help with keywords
  • When you enter your website address Google suggests keywords based on your website content
  • You can also filter unwanted search results with unwanted keywords such as “free…”
  • Google will give you the range of CPC prices based on keywords
  • You can set the limit of each CPC cost you are willing to pay and a total amount per day. If you aren’t using your total amount for each day, the surplus rolls over for the next day.
  • Can change/manage your details at any time: change the amount, keywords, budget, as well as cancel/suspend the account.
  • There is a $10 set up fee – you can pay by credit card and one can pre-pay as well. A budget of at least $2/per day is recommended.
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