Our clients have wonderful things to say…

I have worked with Marilyn Ledingham of Boden/Ledingham Web Design for 7 years.  She is a consummate professional with incredibly responsive turnaround time for any requests or projects. She is creative and personable, and her services are well priced. I would wholeheartedly recommend Marilyn. She cares deeply about her clients.
Hillary Richardson – Executive Director – Cochrane Tourism

Marilyn has been instrumental in creating a new website for your service club and incorporating the information from the old site. We had some major issues to overcome and Marilyn had the knowledge to deal with these. She is very intuitive to our needs,  had the patience to review the existing site and make some great suggestions for moving forward.  The work was completed in a very timely fashion with good communication through the process. We are very confident that support will continue! Thanks Marilyn!
Marcia Gilbertson – Director Cochrane Activettes

I echo what the others have said about the website. Make no mistake – your contribution is anything but small.  Websites are critical to the success of associations such as ours. Ones that are not refreshed or kept up to date provide pretty clear evidence to the public of a lack of organizational structure and integrity. That can’t be said of ours. Every time I’ve had a request of you for a change or addition, it’s been done within hours. Couple that with your efforts on the silent auction make you a major trail hero in my books.
Peter Tucker – President Greater Bragg Creek Trails

When we approached Marilyn to design our new company a website, we found ourselves under a tight start up deadline, with limited start up costs yet with the need to create a big impact as we entered an industry that is heavily dominated with big budget established competitors.
Marilyn was an absolute pleasure to work with, from the initial design brief, to the completion of the finalized product. Marilyn was incredibly flexible in matching her work schedule to ours; kept us updated throughout the process and was very accommodating to our design revisions as the project progressed. Because of our website, our business now has a clear and effective brand image that was on budget and on time. Our website is very user-friendly, allowing us to adjust and keep current with the constant changes to our industry, yet knowing that we always have the assistance of Marilyn along the way.
Matt Brosnan – Canmore River Adventures

Working with Marilyn was easy and pleasant. We are highly satisfied with her work and commitment. She over exceeded our expectations compare to what we had experienced before. We do recommend her services and are willing to be a reference.
Morgan Portet – CEO – RAC Group

Marilyn Ledingham is an exceptional web designer … and more!  Marilyn quickly understood our business.  Her breadth of experience, depth of technical knowledge and creative insight resulted in the development of our powerful website.  She is very organized, provides great suggestions and can be relied upon to meet targets and deadlines. Marilyn was very patient with us and an absolute pleasure to work with.
Ponderosa Point Management

Marilyn at Boden Ledingham has been my go-to web designer since 2008. Her design skills, technical know-how and efficient service in the creation & maintenance of my website has made her a valued partner in my business. She provides a cost-effective website with top-notch service! Candace Perko
Countryside Financial

Marilyn Ledingham was a pleasure to work with on our new website. Marilyn is personable, intelligent and intuitive. She not only quickly understood what we wanted but she was artistic enough to deliver an appropriate approach immediately. She is familiar with numerous current platforms and was able to advise us on picking one that we could work with easily after her major contribution was over. She is professional, diligent, and the cost was very reasonable. Everything was accomplished quickly and efficiently and while the process was ongoing Marilyn communicated with us regularly and very promptly. She negotiated to fine points and details flawlessly. What more could you ask for. I would highly recommend Marilyn Ledingham.
Joe Cunningham – Cunningham Boats

After many years of frustration trying to find a reliable website developer whom we could work with, we partnered with Marilyn of Boden/Ledingham Web Design.  Since that time, we have moved forward in leaps and bounds.  Marilyn is wonderful to work with.  She listens well to be sure that she knows what we are looking for (rather than working with her own agenda), she explains things in terms that we as “lay people” can understand and is a wonderful support to us, making herself available as needed to help us manage our website.  Marilyn is flexible and easy-going in her approach and great to work with.  Additionally, she has proven herself to be extremely reliable, which is hugely important to us.

For the first time in many years we are working with a professional who functions as a wonderful support to our team, in order to ensure that our website reflects who we are and what we do as a company.  Marilyn is creative, has great ideas and suggestions and has made the process of creating and updating our website very straightforward.  We can’t thank Marilyn enough for all her assistance and guidance and look forward to continuing to work with her as we expand the possibilities of our corporate online presence.
Brenda Watt – Owner/Director of Operations – Rocky Mountain Adventure Medicine Inc.

I have been working with Marilyn for over 10 years. She has proved to an invaluable asset to our online presence. Because of Marilyn our organization has been insulated from many of the challenges surrounding the ever-changing web. Contracting her services eliminates the need for an in-house developer as her services are prompt and cost effective. I recommend any business looking for a solid and progressive, web-presence, to contact Marilyn.
John Hromyk – Smart Contractor

It is without hesitation, and with great enthusiasm, that I encourage anyone looking for website assistance to call Marilyn! I believe you WILL benefit from her direct approach, your time is not wasted with endless back and forth, and the product delivered exactly fits your needs. Marilyn seemed to have a  true passion and desire to understand my business and created a website that not only embodies the services we provide, but also embraces our love of what we do and our pleasure in helping customers! Her website was so successful at sharing our message that within the first month we received a web generated contact that paid us back for the cost of web design in spades!
Liz Brousseau- Black River Contracting Inc/Rockyview ICF

I first met Marilyn Ledingham about 6 years ago while retained by an Alberta Home Builder. Marilyn designed two additional websites on behalf of two other clients. My clients, both being Financial institutions, were very satisfied with the economics of both website proposals. Both sites were very well designed from an ease of use standpoint as well as graphically pleasing and inviting to the users. Marilyn is prompt with her responses to requests for changes, updates to the sites or simply responding to my queries on statistics. I have no hesitation in recommending Marilyn of Boden/Ledingham Web Design as a great choice of designers.
Richard K Dalton, Real Estate Consultant – Aspen Hawk Estates

Working with Marilyn’s expertise and guidance, the entire process from concept to website was simplified, smooth and thorough. We are thrilled with the dramatic improvements; even better, our customers are already commenting about how easy it is to get the information they need and want from the website. Mission accomplished!
Deb Kennedy – Mountain’s Edge Renovations

We have been working with Marilyn at Boden/Ledingham for a few years now and find Marilyn extremely professional, polite, helpful, responsive and knowledgeable. They have helped us with a few business website set ups for our family businesses. I trust them with our website, webmail, hosting and Marilyn also helps me with some company marketing.
Duncan O’Nions – Rockyview Projects Ltd

Having a website that is functional, eye appealing and easy to maintain is a must for any organization or business.  Marilyn’s ability to find creative solutions for the needs of the Waterton Biosphere Reserve website was truly impressive. Not only was our website up and running in a very short period of time, Marilyn’s friendly and helpful nature made redesigning our website an enjoyable process.     With Boden/Ledingham Design we know our website will stay running smoothly and trust they will always be there when we need them.
Jen Jenkins – Waterton Biosphere Reserve Association

I recently needed a new website and Boden/Ledingham Web Design was suggested. This has turned out to be the best decision I have made in a long time! Professional design with a personal touch. All aspects of the project went seamlessly with Marilyn guiding me along each step in the process and the work was completed before our deadline. I now feel capable of keeping my new site current, but know if I need help, it is only an email away. I would highly recommend Boden/Ledingham Web Design to anyone looking for a cutting edge web site.
Jacqueline Guest

There are so many levels to building an effective website. The overall look and feel is the first thing people notice and our new website is a fantastic improvement over our old site. But a website can’t be just pretty – a good site designer has to have such an in depth technical knowledge – which you so obviously do! Our site runs so smoothly now, even with it being a highly visual site with many images. In addition, our traffic has increased substantially over the last site. The training you provided was amazing as well. We no longer have to incur an expense to change something as small as a price of a home or a date of a seminar. Providing this service is a testament to your commitment to do what is best for your client. We really appreciate all the support and guidance you have given us.
Calla Mitchell – Maillot Homes

Marilyn Ledingham and her team developed www.snoday.ca a fully functioning e-comm site for our custom ski and retail business. Over a period of a few months we were able to affordably introduce our line of skis, our corporate culture and our vision to local and international markets.
Marilyn provides prompt services and creates cost effective solutions for any size business. I recommend Marilyn and her company Boden Ledingham to anyone seeking website development.
John Hromyk – SnoDay Skis

For years I stumbled around without an adequate website; mostly I only had myself to blame. But finally I really needed to get something up and running and realized I already knew Marilyn Ledingham, who had done such a nice job of the Banff Centre Science Communications website (www.banffscience.ca). So I hired her to build me a website that was attention-grabbing, clean, easy to navigate, intuitive – all the things I like in a website. And now I have that. All credit to Marilyn.
Jay Ingram – jayingram.ca

I want to thank Marilyn Ledingham for creating the Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association website. Marilyn quickly developed a site that is visually appealing and easy to navigate. She was a pleasure to work with, bringing forward wonderful ideas as well as incorporating all our various requests and suggesting modifications where necessary. Our members are thrilled to have a website that represents us so well!
Jennifer Sadee – BC Trails

I am recommending Marilyn’s abilities as a visual, instructional and web designer. Marilyn is a pleasure to work with in this capacity. She communicates effectively and consistently delivers on time and with expected results. I can recommend without reservation Marilyn’s abilities and work ethic.
Elizabeth Kohl, Vice-President – Corridor Interactive

Working with Marilyn’s expertise and guidance, the entire process from concept to website was simplified, smooth and thorough. We are thrilled with the dramatic improvements; even better, our customers are already commenting about how easy it is to get the information they need and want from the website. Mission accomplished!
Deb Kennedy – Mountain’s Edge Renovations

From the first time we met, Marilyn’s professional and approachable personality put my concerns at ease. Marilyn went above and beyond by providing suggestions that I had not considered and that only proved to me that she takes a lot of pride in what she does.
Marco Koomans – Summit Electric

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Marilyn on this project. She is extremely professional, knowledgeable and efficient. Her efforts and creativity exceeded my expectations. I am thrilled with the end result and have had very positive feedback from clients.
Sandy Angle – Stillwater Jewelry

This was such a pleasurable project — it was completed very quickly, with style, on budget, with great attention to detail. That is very rare! Marilyn was quick to understand what we wanted, worked through all kinds of options to help realize our wish list, and†we now have the web site that we had been dreaming about for years.
Mary Anne Moser – Banff Science Communications

I am delighted to tell you that it has RAVE REVIEWS. Feedback from the recent executive meeting was about how fresh it looks, and the look is all down to you. Another stunning site Marilyn!† The site does so much more than the last one, and so smoothly.† Iíve had all these mails from the executive saying how much they love it.
Kate Mergen – Banff Couples Conference

If you want quality, cutting edge design that rival anything out there, but you want a personal, friendly approach, Marilyn and Rick are the team for you. Marilyn just replied with amazing creative ideas. I can’t say enough about the experience of working with Boden/Ledingham Web Design. Not only did I get a timely, creative, professional product at a great price, I got a partner who cared about my business, and ultimately, a friend.
Dave Ryan – Maverick Law

You made the process of building a new website from scratch painless and fast. Gjoa and I really appreciated all your creative input and we’ve had nothing but positive feed back. GjoasVineyard.com not only looks great, it is easy to navigate. So thanks again for exceeding our expectations.
John Bilodeau – Gjoa´s Vineyard

I am pleased and proud of our finished website and appreciate your patience and helpfulness throughout the process.”
Dulcie Gretton – Renewed Parent

Marilyn is great to work with, she is organized, patient, asks the right questions, brings good insight to the project and gets the job done in a timely manner.
Karen Sanders – Sanders Design

I would eagerly encourage anyone wishing to experience website-building with ease and joy, to hire Marilyn!  Not only is she knowledgable and very artistically creative, she also listened to everything I had to say and offered very sound advice about how to proceed, change perspective and move forward utilizing the maximum potential of the services that I offer!  I experienced complete peace of mind as Marilyn navigated and guided me in the building of a website that I am so proud of!!  Thank you!
Debbi Friesen – Discover You

Marilyn is very professional, patient and flexible.  She gave a list of detailed questions to help pre-determine what my needs were of the site. Marilyn had great suggestions and insights into the whole process and I am very pleased with the results.
Susanne Alexander Heaton – ABC Faeries

Working with Marilyn turned a complicated project into an enjoyable learning experience…she paid real attention to the specifics of what we were looking to achieve.
Kate Mergen – Calgary Jung Society

Marilyn is a motivated, attentive and extremely qualified professional. She definitely exceeded our expectations on creativity, quality and efficiency. She captured our new corporate vision and was able to translate it to an informative and aesthetically pleasing website. When updates and/or changes are needed for the website she is always available and quick to respond. Her web design services are priced to deliver maximum return on capital. I would definitely recommend Boden/Ledingham Web Design.
Greg Kaidannek – Arsenal Energy Inc.

Marilyn applied her extensive technical knowledge with her natural sense of design, graphics & creativity to develop a unique and effective site for my real estate business. I am very grateful for her determination and creative efforts. I would strongly recommend Marilyn for your website
development needs!
Deborah Clark – MaxWell Realtor®

Thank you so much for your hard work and strokes of genius. Marilyn has a rare ability to listen to the customer and take in what the needs were and what mattered to us. She was patient and methodical and had a great attention to details, which is so important in this line of business.
Marek Grzesiak – Riverside Chateau

It has been a sincere pleasure to work with Marilyn on our new website. She has been a refreshing person to work with on a big undertaking like this. She is prompt, professional and creative…
Kimberley Delves: Cochrane Tourism Association

I was thrilled with Marilyn´s ability to truly customize my website and make it completely reflect the look I was trying to achieve in my store…
Kerry Lockhart – TLC Flowers

Marilyn was very knowledgeable and helpful in setting up our website in a style that is easy for us to work with. Great job well done!…
Chris McLachlan – High Country News

Working with Marilyn was easy and stress free and that surprised me. She listened to my wish list and I verbally told her how I vision my web page, Marilyn nailed it on the first draft. That is a hard thing to accomplish and I was extremely impressed. From concept to completion was short and she went above and beyond to help me with anything that I needed help with very quickly. I thoroughly enjoyed her calm personality and would highly recommend her and her company.
Angela Madeiros – Angela´s Attic

I learned a lot from Marilyn and look forward to working with her on a continuing basis…
Shawn Richardson: Chinnick & Co

A dynamic website and so well designed. I couldn´t be more pumped!…
Tom Walker Photography

Beyond expectation! These words sum up my experience in working with Marilyn on two different websites…
Micheline Maylor – Freefall Magazine

Marilyn has technical wizardry combined with a visual/layout artistry…
Mary Howard – Designing Change

Marilyn Ledingham is definitely an asset to our organization. Diligent, detail oriented and flexible. Her work is always of high quality, and she herself is a pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate to
recommend her to anyone looking for a reliable and skilled web developer.
Laurel Lindsay – The New Media Group

We are quite pleased with Marilyn’s creation of our website and associated marketing material. She was able to receive input from a number of sources, effectively disseminate and present the critical information, and add her own creative influence.
Millarville Meadows Inc.

Thank you Marilyn for bringing us effortlessly into the world of websites…
Sue Winsor – Canadian Miniature Donkeys

Client guidelines on developing a website were insightful and useful…
Brushworks Garden Design

It is comforting to know you can rely on her professionalism and patience throughout the design process…
Sharon Brown – Make The Occasion

Marilyn was very quick to catch-on to the theme, style and particulars of the product I wanted to promote. A very efficient and enjoyable experience…
Ron Richardson – Twistfree/Roadee

Marilyn has met and exceeded both our practical and technical needs…
Percy Lazdins: Archive Wine Cellars

She took the time to explain her services thoroughly to me in regards to what I could expect with the finished product…
Quinn Cameron – Quinn´s Essentials Inc.

Boden/Ledingham Web Design stands out as being exceptionally prompt and professional, delivering what is promised, when promised…
Charlotte Moller – CMS Solutions Inc.