Why Blog?

Why Blog?

bloggingBest Website Marketing Advice

#1 best internet marketing tip is start a blog! Then blog regularly with informative and interesting content. Adding social sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. to your blog posts, make it easy for viewers to share the content within their own social networks extending the reach of your blog content.

Blogs Live Forever

A blog post, lives forever unlike a media campaign which has a limited life span.

Attract Viewers with Interesting Content

Blog posts can include various other types of media and are not limited to text. Adding media like videos, galleries and images make for a better user experience and deliver the content that will appeal to a wider audience.

Generates Quality Leads

Blog posts are usually topic specific enabling the use of lots of topic specific keywords. The blog should also include a call to action, preferably clickable. This makes it easy to provide more content and information, hopefully turning that prospect into a lead.

Readers came to your blog because the topic was of interest, therefore the blog post is aligned with their interests which is a great way to generate quality leads.

Grow Your Email List

Blog posts are great for growing your email lists and contact database. Offering viewers a way to subscribe to your blog will help get quality leads with people that are interested in your products or services.

Blogs Can Engage Viewers in Conversations

Posts encourage viewers to engage with you and others via comment forms. Comment forms bring viewers back to the page to continue the discussion and provide an opportunity for  viewers to engage with your business.

Blog Posts Travel Far & Wide

Blog posts have the ability to travel far and wide whether through social sharing, RSS syndication or through paid distribution channels and recommendation engines like Outbrain.

Boost Your Search Engine Results

Diversity of material will translate into more services, keywords and landing pages for different services. Blog posts that contain specific keywords will be naturally optimized for the search engines and automatically create a landing page for a service or topic. Blog posts have their own internet address which search engines index making the page easy for viewers to bookmark and share.

Good quality blog posts attract inbound links. Inbound links are great way to boost the search engine results

Blog posts can increase website traffic through the search engines social networks, email subscriptions, or syndication.

Blog posts can increase your search engine results through current content. The search engines love fresh content.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is great way to increase your readership by posting on other blogs in your market. Guest blogging can introduce you to a new and complementary audience and allow you to link back to your own website and content, effectively bulding your brand and growing your business.

Blogs are a Collection of Work

A blog creates a cumulative collection of work that lives long through bookmarks, links, favourites list and search engines and will continue to work for you generating visitors, website traffic and leads.


1. More Inbound Links = better search engine results
2. Naturally Search Engine Optimized = better search engine results
3. More Leads = grow your business
4. Size Matters = more posts = more text = more keywords == better search engine results
5. Frequency Matters = search engines love fresh content