Why You Should Have Social Sharing

Why You Should Have Social Sharing

social-share-verticalToday the most efficient way to spread content around the web is to use social media. Social sharing buttons are the easiest way to spread tour website content around in the internet. With one click of the button a viewer can share your content with their social network. It is easy (and possible) to go viral – as long as you create quality content and allow your visitors to share that quality.

Social media gurus recommend that every website should have the four main social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+).

Get The Most From Your Blog

Blog take time to brainstorm a topic, write posts, edit them, post them, and then monitor the comments. If you’re going to dedicate all of that time to your blog you want to get the most out of it by spreading the word and hopefully increasing the number of people who find and read your blog. One easy way to increase readership is to include social share buttons on every blog post.

Search Engine Optimization

Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Search engines now judge the strength of a link in social media when developing rankings. Search engines consider the number of times that content is shared, tweeted, liked, and posted in social media. Content is getting shared frequently will improve its search engine ranking for relevant keywords.

Increase Your Exposure

Social share buttons increase the likelihood of getting your content in front of a new audience. Marketing and advertising is all about getting your brand and messaging in front of as many potential clients and customers as possible. The possibilities are limitless as millions of people use social networks every day. Your content shared on a social network maybe may be seen by a new customer who may then share it on their network, which may be seen by another new custom, etc. and the circle begins…

Break The Ice

Most users are reluctant to be the first to like, tweet, etc. Therefore it is a good idea to as soon as you have finished the blog post, be the first to like it, Tweet and give it a +1. Then is is shared on your social network and you have already started the process of spreading the content and getting the most benefit for your blogging efforts.

Trusted Recommendations

Social media is all-out connecting, sharing information and opinions. It connects people who value each other’s opinions. People who see content being shared by their friends, family or colleagues through social networks will think that it’s something worth checking out.

Improves User Experience

Simply, make it easy for you viewer to share and they are more likely to actually share the content. If a viewer thinks it’s helpful or interesting they can quickly click on a button and boom, it’s shared. Lastly blog visitors will stay on your site longer if they can quickly share on your site and don’t have to leave your site, log into a social platform, gets distracted and forgets about your page altogether.