WordPress Features

wordpress-logoWebsites have involved and continue to evolve at a staggering rate. It is challenging to keep up. In the last few years websites use newer more dynamic code that allows for tabs and slideshows and generally more versatile and attractive presentation. One website can be programmed to adapt the presentation so that it functions and presents well no matter the platform or device.

This is great news for customers. This code brings the accessibility of more versatile and functional websites into the budget of small business customers. These features have been integrated into WordPress (A Content Managed System) making it the most used CMS platform with a market share of 66% as of May 2013.

I used to be a Joomla (CMS) fan and have recently switched my allegiance to WordPress and here’s why.

  1. Easy to use – If you can use Microsoft Office, you can probably begin using WordPress!
  2. Standard web compliance – This is important for cross browser compatibility, usability, and SEO as well.
  3. Fast loading times – Great code makes a difference in website loading times. Google rates the speed at which a site loads and  the speed is reflected in the search engine results.
  4. Easy upgrades – There is a one-click upgrade feature available.
  5. Social networking friendly – Connect your blog posts with social media like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc.
  6. Add current media – Easily add audio and video to posts and pages.
  7. Ultimate in SEO friendliness – Able to customize every page or post with meta tags to provide each page/post with unique tags resulting in better search results positions. Search engines love WordPress.
  8. Flexible and extensible – You can integrate a fully-functional ecommerce system/shopping cart, build your own social network, forum, file-sharing site, hotel-booking system, project management system, classified ads site and much more.
  9. Websites an be fun! – Managing your own content, adding pictures, blog entries, and video becomes “fun.” You will be inspired to add more content.
  10. Superior blogging experience – WordPress started as a blogging tool and it leads the industry as a blogging tool. Well-known websites that use WordPress include CNN blogs, NY Times blogs and People Magazine.
  11. Beautiful templates – WordPress templates available with a ton of customization options and amazing built-in functionality, making it so much easier to build a custom website.
  12. Mobile readiness – No need to produce a second Web site just for mobile users. Responsive websites that work on all devices and look good too!

WordPress has evolved from a blogging software into the leading Content Management System (CMS) the BEST publishing software on the web. View More WordPress (CMS) Features.