Advertising on the Web

Advertising on the Web

There were two ads shared through YouTube that stood out for me this year. In short there are some advantages to advertising on the web:

  • Don’t have to be big budget
  • Can edit and shoot with non-commercial equipment and post to YouTube
  • Can use your social networking to share
  • It can be entertaining and you can have fun

The other interesting feature of an ad that doesn’t come across blatantly as an ad is that it becomes more entertainment and less advertisement. The message is more subliminal.

When the ad is shared on the web it comes generally through known sources on Facebook or Twitter or another social platform and it feels more personal – more targeted to you. Just a great way to market your business on the internet.

WestJet Christmas Miracle: Real-time Giving

34,130,980 hits in less than 3 weeks

Bear Does Laundry : Samsung Washing Machine Commercial

Over 2,000,000 hits in 8 months